Praying for peace in Ukraine—Stories about Ukraine fashion and models

1. Brand Ambassador of Pearl Venus

Veronika is one of our ambassadors, who is a gorgeous and tough girl only 21 years old. She moved to Los Angeles with her parents when she was only 6 years old.

Her motherland Ukraine is suffering conflict now, she prayed for the people every day.

"I say, ‘We’re praying for you, we wish you to be safe, go to a safe place’, said Veronika ‘We have to continue to pray and ask God for help,’ she said, but ‘there’s not much else we can do here."

A sense of helplessness overcame her as the war unfolded half a world away, with little chance her loved ones in Ukraine would find refuge in the U.S. any time soon. She couldn’t stop crying when she heard the fire news,’a crazy day,’ with phone calls and emails from Ukrainians and Russians seeking refuge in the United States. Ukrainians hope to flee Russian troops, while Russians worry they may get drafted and have bank accounts frozen in a wartime economy.

As her partners, we gave her encouragement and strong belief that love and peace would eventually come.Never too late for justice!

2. Fashion Community And Influencers Are Taking Actions

World-renowned millionaire Ruslan Baginskiy employs over 80 people in Kyiv. He asks the fashion community to focus on Ukraine instead of fashion week.

Ukrainian influencers, both on TikTok and Instagram, meanwhile, are also braving the risks of attack from the advancing army to make sure to document the horror of war in mainland Europe.

This is also a serious war on social media.

3. Tears behind sunglasses

Milan fashion week just finished in Italy amid the turmoil caused for Ukrainians in the fashion world and their families back home in Ukraine after Russia invaded the country.

AFP spoke to 22-year-old Ukrainian creative director and stylist Anna Mazzhyk who said before the show she was woken up by her parents early in the morning in Ukraine who told her, "Russia is attacking Ukraine right now," she said.

"I was crying before the first show because it's difficult for me," said Mazzhyk. She is from Kyiv. She said, "We're all wearing sunglasses to cover up our puffy eyes."

4. How can we help?

With more expected to follow this coming weekend. In terms of providing concrete support for displaced or vulnerable communities on the ground in Ukraine, however, a number of NGOs and organizations are already actively working to provide food, shelter, and medical supplies for civilians affected by the crisis.Milan (AFP) – The fashion set put their best face forward on Thursday despite worries over the invasion of Ukraine, as Milan Fashion Week guests and workers vowed to go on with the shows.

While their loved ones face an uncertain future at home.For now, we Pearl Venus are trying to donate money and supplies, desperately seeking advice from immigration attorneys about how to get family here and pleading for world leaders to intervene more forcefully.We do hope a better and peaceful world.The painting is the fabulous work of our designer.