Our Story

Laura is the founder of Pearl Venus,her dream was to become an architect when she was young.  The Excellent painting skills and good knowledge of geometry give her an  Unique aesthetic vision to structural beauty. After graduation, Laura started her career in mar-tech . But the pursuit of Geometric beauty has never ended.

Architecture is the art of structure, Jewelry is the miniature building. There are many gorgeous jewelry designs were Inspired by architecture,so Laura created Pearl venus, to combine the art of architeture with jewelry,for mordern young women,especially for the new generation pearl lovers. Jewelry is more closely related to daily life: not only an emotional creation , but also very flexible in outfit dress up

Pearl is recognized as the queen of the jewelry industry.There are more and more young people love the charm of pearl among new generations. Whether  mixed with popular elements or retro-style baroque pearls,they all have their own style. The organic jewelry ——pearls is getting revival recently. pearls are no longer the privilege of the royal family, nor are they just old to mothers.They are Standing in the center of the popular stage again

With a high standard for craftsmanship and materials,We Select freshwater pearls from the 30’’N.  Pearl venus has been appraised by certification and reaches AAA or above.

pearls are organic  jewelry, they are taken from nature, so we should give back to nature.we’re seeking to enhance marine conservation efforts and give back to the fresh water resources that have given us so much.We decided to Donate 0.1% Profit per order to freshwater conservation NGO

The purpose of pearl Venus is to become a a young and new fashion, focus on a pearl brand with personality and a sense of social responsibility.