Meet Single’s Inferno Star Song Ji-a——And Her Fashion Taste:Pearls

Single’s Inferno’ becomes first Korean reality show to break into Netflix Global Top 10 shows list, the dating show just went to be a great hit at the end of 2021. One of the contestants who’s made a strong impression is Song Ji-a.Song drives attention from both men and women, When she was introduced, the guys immediately took notice of her.

Ji-a has won over legions of fans across the globe thanks to her stunning good looks and stylish designer outfits. She has also been at the center of one of the show's biggest storylines so far: a love triangle involving aspiring fashion designer Choi Si-hun and hunky personal trainer Kim Hyeon-Joong.


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She’s fashionable

Fashion runs in Song’s blood. Despite living on a remote island in Single’s Inferno, she managed to dress impeccably and present herself well. In the first episode, she wore a Chanel blouse while cooking. When she had a heart-to-heart talk with one of the guys, she toted a Prada bag.She loves Chanel and Louis Vuitton fashion

Single's Inferno' contestant and YouTuber Free Zia is garnering attention for her beauty


The girl Loves pearls

Numerous netizens left comments adoring the YouTuber's beauty and unique sense of style. She also proved her popularity with more than 1,600 comments on this single post.


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And the first episode's intro kicks in, we get to see Song Ji A, From her youtube and Instagram. We can tell the girl loves pearl jewelry so much.She has worn pearl necklaces and earrings on different occasions. Her amazing appearance just match the pearl jewelry. The trendy fashion earrings, personality niche beach sexy long earrings, went popular on social media, girls at her age are crazy to dress up like her,Song becomes a new fashion icon during a short period of time.So We have every reason to believe pearl jewelry will soon become a must-have item among Z-generation.

Chic style pearl jewelry has quickly captured young girls‘ eyes. Like blackpink Jennie, many Kpop girls have a fantastic taste for pearls, they give a new definition to pearls as well.


No one, literally no one, could take eyes off her when she was introduced on the first episode of Single's Inferno. Song Ji A has a pretty good idea what guys want, and she is not afraid to flaunt her body.