How to Wear the Right Length Pearl Necklace for Different Collars

No matter what the occasion , pearl jewelry is decent and generous , like an educated lady , low-key and not loud , but always people can see her at a glances position ! Pearl necklaces are versatile.
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How to Wear the Right Length Necklace for Different Collars?There are six types of lengths that can express different moods and accentuate your outfits.

1. Collar Length: 12-13 in. (30-33cm), STYLE: CHIC


The Collar Necklace is a style to grab attention. It is very chic and hugs close to the neck. Ideally, you should not wear this style if you don't want some neck attention or have a shorter neck. This Collar Necklace is ideal for low and mid-cut necklines. The most popular neckline pairing is open-cut and off the shoulders. This style can be seen worn by celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana.

collor necklace

Necklaces of this length are suitable for shown below collar styles.



      Asymmetric                   Scoop                  



               Square                      Strapless

Also suitable for a sweetheart neckline, spaghetti strap, semi halter top, queen anne, v neckline.


 2. Choker Length: 14-16 in. (36-41cm), STYLE: CHIC & CLASSIC

The Choker Pearl Necklace is considered a true classic. The Choker hangs just a bit off the neck and is very popular for open necklines. This necklace is usually paired with low to mid-cut necklines and looks great on a Scoop Neckline. This necklace is very versatile, which makes it a very popular choice. Many celebrities can be seen wearing this style such as Michelle Obama, Scarlett Johansson, and Selena Gomez.  
Choker pearl necklace  Scarlett Johansson

Handcrafted Woven White Freshwater Pearl Choker


3. Princess Length: 17-19 in. (43-48cm), STYLE: CLASSIC

Square-choker   Strapless-choker

         Square                   Strapless     

  Off-the-shoulder   HALTER-CHOKER

    Off-the-shoulder           HALTER 

Also suitable for Scoop Neckline, Strapless Neckline, Sweetheart Neckline, Spaghetti Neckline, Semi Halter Top, Queen Anne, V Neckline.

The princess length is a timeless style that anyone can wear. It is also considered the most classic length for a pearl necklace. The Princess length is usually worn with low-cut necklines as well as high necklines. A Strapless Neckline is a great pairing with the Princess Necklace.
6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace
 6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace

If you are not sure which necklace length to get, the princess length is a perfect choice to brighten up your outfit on all occasions.

4.Matinee Length: 20-24 in. (51-61cm) , STYLE: MODERN CLASSIC

As they fall just at the top of your bust, matinee pearl necklaces are ideal for higher-cut necklines such as the Boat Neckline. This makes this length great for business events or work, without being overly formal, but still elegant.

This kind of necklace is also more suitable for ladies with round faces and shorter necks, or women who want to make the visual effect of the neck more slender, and can play a better visual effect.



5. Opera Length: 30-36 in. (76-91cm) , STYLE: ELEGANT/BUSINESS


     High Neckline         The Bateau/Boat Neckline

          High Neckline         Bateau/Boat Neckline

The Opera Pearl Necklace is a more traditional pearl necklace that is made by combining two standard choker or princess pearl necklaces together to form one long and gorgeous necklace. This necklace is long enough to be worn with some mid and low-cut necklines and match great on high necklines. Its versatility makes this pearl necklace popular with celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kim Kardashian.

3-4mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace 120cm Length

3-4mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace 120cm Length


6. Rope Length: over 36 in. (91cm), STYLE: ELEGANT & FASHION

The Rope Pearl Necklace is extra-long and beautiful! The necklace length usually features three full choker pearl necklaces in one. The main feature of the Rope Length Necklace is its ability to be wrapped around or twisted to form layers. This creates a very stylish and fashionable look. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Kate Hudson have sported this look.