How To Buy Pearls: Guide To Buying Pearls

Everyone knows that pearls are gems of the sea. However, when it comes to understanding the value of a pearl or buying pearl jewelry, that’s about all you might know. However, it takes more than that to make an educated decision. Therefore, learning how to buy pearls is essential. 

STEP 1: Choosing the Right Pearl Type

Each one of these has its own unique beauty, pearl color .The different colors of pearls reflect their different styles.the color of pearls correlates with the type of pearls. Natural color of fresh water pearls is white, pink and purple in most cases, while most seawater pearls are white, grey and golden.

In addition, there is a family of Tahitian pearls, with which maybe you’re not familiar, which is only produced in the salt lake in the south sea of French Polynesia, known for rare value and called Queen’s Pearl and Queen of Pearls. Most Tahitian pearls are dark black and malachite green with fully intoxicating and enticing light rays. South Pacific pearls, shortened as SP pearls, is produced in south pacific regions, respective north sea in Australia, Indonesia and Philippine. As SP pearls are abundant in Australia, they’re often called Australia pearls. The value of pearls here has many levels.


STEP 2: Choose the Perfect Pearl Size

it’s said that “70% pearl, 80% treasure”; generally, 6mm pearls are not fell into the category of jewelry pearls, 7-9mm pearls are the favorite of common consumers, 10mm pearls are rare things, 11mm pearls are SP pearls and Tahitian pearls. Of course, the value of the pearls change with their sizes.

Generally the most popular sizes are within the 7.0-9.5mm range, which are considered the most traditional and versatile pearl sizes to buy.

STEP 3: Consider Pearl Shape

To start with, you can think about the differences in setting and size of the pearl and setting – from the small spherical Classic diamond to the large scale or large cluster Dramatic to the more wonky creative pearl.

There are three pearl shapes including symmetrical, spherical, and baroque. The spherical is the rarest and most desirable. Symmetrical pearls include teardrop or pear-shaped pearls and desirable but usually less expensive than spherical pearls. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped and often the least expensive.

STEP 4: Choosing the Best Pearl Quality 

Sheen: sheen is the soul of pearl; dull-colored or low-sheen pearls are lack of spirit. Pearls are outcome of calcium carbonate. When light beam emits on nacre surface, it reflects; in choosing pearl necklace, lay pearl necklace on white cloth, when you can see mild sheen overflowing from the pearls; to look against the beam, rainbow-like light rays are visible, inverted image is seen in case of surface sheen of the pearls. For the same level of pearls, seawater pearls is brighter in sheen that fresh water ones.

STEP 5: Set Your Budget

Combined with your budget to choose a beautiful style, the Pearl Venus brand will be a good choice.