Famous Pearl Quotes Every Jewelry Lover Needs to Know

 They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, although you can’t help but disagree. Your greatest passion of all: darling, radiant little pearls that exude nothing but utter beauty and elegance. And as an avid pearl lover, you love everything related to those precious little gems. From fun facts to powerful idioms and meaningful quotes.

From celebrities to important historical figures, everyone has talked about them. Take a minute and immerse yourself into the beauty of pearls.
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#1. Why wear one string when you can wear two?

Coco Chanel, aka the queen of little black dresses and pearl necklaces, was nothing short of fabulous. With her style and tendency to adorn herself in layers and layers of pearl necklaces, it’s no wondering that this quote belongs to her.

FACT: Coco Chanel, one of the most famous pearl lovers in the world, was the designer who first introduced pants for women, as well as the one who launched the first designer perfume.

Why are pearls so special?
Pearls are the only gems created by a living creature. No two pearls are identical, which means that each gem carries a one-of-a-kind beauty, charm, as well as shape and size.

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Who said Pearls are always appropriate?
Jackie Kennedy: “Pearls are always appropriate.” The style icon was famous for her impeccable fashion, which often included strands of pearls around her neck, regardless of the occasion.

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#2. A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.

introduced costume jewelry to the public. That was back in the highly experimental 1930s. ‘Ropes and ropes’ of faux pearls, featuring glass beads and chains were meant to be worn with daywear.

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Coco Chanel is often thought of as one of the greatest fashion designers to ever live. It’s easy to argue that the popularity of pearl ropes is in large part due to her fashion influence. Nearly all of  necklaces offered at The Pearl Source feature a 51″ rope-length, a necklace length which is extremely versatile and stylish. Wear it as a dazzling long necklace, or fold the necklace to create a stacked look that oozes of sophistication 
PEARL VENUS  3-4mm White Freshwater Pearl Necklace 120cm Length OT Buckle

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You can wear it all year round
This stunning real pearl necklace is around 47 inches in rope length and can be worn in many creative ways - long, knotted, or wrapped multiple times around your wrist. You can wear it all year round.

Perfect for art-themed parties, weddings, prom, or any dress-up, this beautiful long necklace is made of deluxe freshwater pearls expertly finished with a sterling silver ball clasp. An elegant statement with a hint of vintage glamour.

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#3. Always have a good little black dress, and pearls and stay in the best hotel, even if you can only have the worse room.

Austrian-born dancer, actress, and artist Tilly Losch appeared in productions like ‘The Garden of Allah’, ‘The Good Earth’ and ‘Duel in the Sun’. The actress, known for her lively personality, believed in this simple style recipe: a little black dress and pearls. Our verdict: we tend to agree with Losch, as this quintessential chic look simply can’t miss the mark on style.

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#4. Marco Polo has seen the inhabitants of Zinpangu place rose-coloured pearls in the mouths of the dead.

Oscar Wilde – is one of the most popular literary figures in late Victorian England. He started his career as an art critic and advocate of the principles of aestheticism. The Irish poet was quite the skilled linguist, as proven by this line from his masterpiece ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey.


#5. True beauty is measured by the number of pearls within you and not around your neck.

American writer and poet of Egyptian origin Suzy Kassem is the author of the essay collection ‘Rise Up and Salute the Sun’. It sold almost one million copies in its first year. Currently residing in Toledo, Ohio, Kassem is also involved in filmmaking, philosophy, and art.

#6. Life is made up of a few moments all strung together like pearls. Each moment is a pearl.

‘And it is up to us to pick the ones with the highest luster’, says Joyce Hitler. She is a popular author of ‘Think on These Things’ and ‘When the Night Bird Sings’. The Oklahoma-based author is also known and loved for the column named after her bestselling book.

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Two Wreath Pendant With Metal And Pearl Pendant Necklace


#7. The pearl is an indicator of the health of the planet. Upon its lustrous surface, every typhoon, every change in water temperature, every current caused by a dynamite blast, and every nuance in the cleanliness of the water is recorded. It falls on the highly skilled pearl farmer to act as a steward of creation.

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As the Indian Territory Hall of Fame inductee, Joyce Hifler’s work features daily meditations and philosophical inspirations. And this quote right here is a great depiction of the true essence and symbolism of pearls.

 hastaelultimodetalleconmigo- pearl Venus

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#8. I had just received La Peregrina from New York on a delicate little chain and I was wearing it like a talisman.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor – was one of the biggest stars of Hollywood cinema in the 1950s. She was gifted the 50.6-carat ‘La Peregrina’ pearl by Richard Burton as a Valentine’s Day gift. As one of the most famous pearls in the world, La Peregrina carries a rich history that spans almost 500 years. Today, its value is at over 11 million dollars.

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#9. As a pearl is formed and its layers grow a rich iridescence begins to glow. The oyster has taken what was at first an irritation and intrusion and uses it to enrich its value.

Susan Young – a leadership trainer and activist for positivity, engagement, and performance. She focuses her work on helping people achieve their goals and create positive change. And with beautiful quotes like this one, we can see just why Young has a large, devoted following.

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Nacre Skirt Mother Pearl Studs Earrings


#10. Life is like a precious pearl.

Lailah Gifty Akita – is an inspirational writer born in Accra, Ghana. She delighted the public with books such as ‘The Alphabet of Success’ and ‘The Wings of Hope: Survivor’. Her work is not limited to writing. She also focuses on empowering the younger generation through her Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation.

#11. Praying is precious like pearls.

With a background in both geosciences and oceanography, it’s no wonder that Lailah Gifty Akita finds the beauty and symbolism of pearls fascinating. As the author of the inspirational book ‘Think Great, Be Great! (Beautiful Quotes)’, Akita focuses on encouraging her readers to achieve new levels of success.

#12. Pearls are always appropriate.

Jackie Kennedy – the wife of the 35th American President John F. Kennedy. She was all about a picture-perfect look, dolled up with classy pearls. Whether she was rocking power suits, evening gowns or daytime frocks, Mrs Kennedy was never short of timeless elegance.

#13. Collect as precious pearls the words of the wise and virtuous.

This quote of unknown origins masterfully captures the preciousness and uniqueness of pearls.

#14. What is important with pearls, is the woman who is wearing them.

Some of the best, most insightful quotes about pearls have anonymous authors. This beautiful citation voices the importance of the person who’s wearing the pearls. And not the other way around.

#15. The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.

Grace Kelly – Hollywood actress turned Princess of Monaco. She stunned the big screens with her grace and otherworldly beauty. And just like many screen divas of her time, Grace loved accessorizing. She adorned her A-line dresses with pearl necklaces, usually worn at choker-length.

#16. Those who dive in the sea of perfection, bring up rare pearls.

Charles H. Spurgeon – influential English Particular Baptist preacher. He dedicated his life’s work to defending the values of the Church. As a notable figure in the Reformed Baptist tradition, Sourgeon is still highly influential among Christians.


#17. I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.

Lady Sarah Churchill was the Duchess of Marlborough and the daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. With a career in acting and dancing, she was also known for her unmistakable quirky fashion sense. Also noted for her impressive stature (she was 6 feet tall), Mrs. Churchill was loved for her bubbly personality and vivaciousness.

#18. The heart of man is very much like the sea. It has the storms, it has the tides and in its depths, it has its pearls.

Vincent Van Gogh – one of the most prolific painters of his era. He left an unmistakable mark in the history of Western art. The Post-Impressionist painter was not only skilled with the brushes and oil paints, but also with words. That’s demonstrated in this beautiful quote.


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