Erin Gu, is not just an Olympic skier, she's a young fashion icon

Olympic skier Eileen Gu

As the Winter Olympics take place in Beijing, you might have noticed the name of one particular athlete continuously cropping up—Eileen Gu. Eileen Gu Tuesday scored a gold medal in the women’s freestyle skiing big air, she must have splashed across your social media, she deserves the name, Ski Princess.
At her third jump, making her the second female freeskier ever to ever do so, what can be only described as a dramatic moment. While that’s also an important milestone in the Chinese skiing field.

Eileen GuA champion freestyle skier, a top student admitted by Stanford University, an ambassador of luxury brand earning millions dollars profits. Due to her perfection performance in each area. Her fans give her the cute title ‘Other people’s Children’. At 18, Eileen isn't stopping anytime soon. Along with her sporting and athletic commitments, she's headed America's Stanford University where she'll study for an undergraduate degree. Her former coach, teachers and friends all speak highly of her diligence and intelligence.
These highly desirable traits have made Gu a great brand ambassador, not only for sports brand sponsors like RedBull.but also for high fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, IWC, Victoria’s Secret, Fendi, Gucci.

Eileen Gu
Eileen Gu
Gu showcased her subtle fashion choice during the award ceremony, as she took off her Anta gloves and showed four rings from Tiffany & Co. as she held the Winter Olympics panda mascot Bing Dwen Dwen in front of the cameras. Sure enough, the financial benefits that come from partnering with luxury labels like Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton are far more substantial than many of the deals negotiated by athletes. It also helps that Gu has a tremendous appeal on the fashion stage.
Eileen Gu

The jewelry pieces the gold medalist wore at the award ceremony have gone viral.
Eileen Gu
She sported a Tiffany T diamond wire ring in 18-karat rose gold, Tiffany 1837 Makers medium slice ring in 18-karat gold, Tiffany 1837 Makers signet ring in sterling silver and Elsa Peretti diamond hoop ring in rose gold. For the flag-raising ceremony, she was also seen wearing a Tiffany Knot double row hinged bangle in yellow gold with diamonds. All of these styles are currently trending on social media
Eileen Gu
“Being a Tiffany & Co. ambassador has always been all about creativity, individuality, and this deep-seated sense of timelessness,” Eileen told Teen Vogue.

“I want to cover American Vogue,” she says, “and I want to walk for Versace because it’s one of my favourite brands. I just absolutely love all their shows. There are a lot of goals, I’ve written them down.
One thing everyone agrees on is that Gu has a unique marketing appeal. Her healthy, sunshine appearance is the best promotion for brand
‘I would be my legacy to be one that highlights the possibility of excellence in multiple fields’ She says.
In the coming year, gearing up to be a bellwether, Gu is on her way.