Gen Z, How to Wear Statement Necklace with Confidence and Glamour

Over time jewelry has developed immensely. So, with each passing generation, there is a differing sense of taste when it comes to jewelry young girls would love. Today the pieces are bolder, although some timeless pieces have managed to remain at the top throughout the years.

Jewelry gives you that luxurious vibe anytime you wear them. Yes, your personality and attitude should reflect the items you are wearing as well.

First, we will look at some general types of jewelry that Gen Z are crazy about, before getting into the specifics.

Jewelry Style Notes: Hailey wears a White Pearl Necklace With Pendant Modern Punk Style, a key Gen Z trend. 

Pearl Venus Jewelry



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White Pearl Necklace With Pendant Modern Punk Style

Combining pearls with metal was envisioned as a “modern classic” Chic fashionable style is suitable for both girls and boys.


1. Pearls

Last year, Lyst revealed that "after Harry Styles was spotted wearing a pearl necklace in December, searches for similar pieces increased 31% and have since continued to drive demand." This look, however, in 2022, is very much part of a wider trend known as the 'coconut girl,' which originated on the Gen Z platform TikTok and takes its inspiration from surfer style. So make sure you pair your pearls with a bit of tie-dye too.

Pearl Venus is dedicated to designing luxurious, guaranteed freshwater pearls, with an affordable value to customers.

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Vintage Chic Freshwater White Baroque Pearl Necklace

Vintage Chic Freshwater White Baroque Pearl Necklace


2. Colourful Jewellery

pearl venus -Colourful Jewellery


The top trend that I seem to see everywhere when it comes to Gen Z jewellery? Colour. Whatever form it comes in—necklaces, earrings, rings—there's no escaping that it's all about bright and bold and even Day-Glo hues. Over at jewellery brand Motley, the biggest seller to its Gen Z customer is the Pink Galileo ring. In March, Lyst revealed that "searches that include the word 'beaded' have been rising and are currently up 21% week-on-week. Shoppers are looking in particular for multi-coloured beaded necklaces" and "those by Roxanne Assoulin and Wald Berlin are the most viewed. At the same time, searches for 'toy beaded necklace' are also up 14%."


PEARL VENUS  Vintage White Baroque Freshwater Pearls Necklace Set Double Chain

Vintage White Baroque Freshwater Pearls Necklace Set Double Chain


 3. Layered Anklet

Anklets come in many styles, from simple and delicate to bold and flashy. They look great with cropped jeans and pants, as well as with dresses, skirts, and shorts. Whether you wear heels or flats, an anklet can always take your attire to a whole new level.

Layered Anklet

Clover, which has one of the most beautiful shades of green, Retro, and elegant colors, is the symbol of good luck. So we combine Ziron with pearls to make a perfect match.

It can be combined with other bracelets as a layering bracelet. You will find out about some very cool and creative ways to wear it, yes, it can be a layered Anklet.



Lastly, If you know anything about Gen Z stars, you know the name, Addison Rae. The singer and social media star are fans of this jewellery trend, which is probably enough to make it go viral. But if you need more on this look, then just know that you can wear it however you want. Whether in a shell or colourful, beaded form, there are plenty of styles.

Addison Rae


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