How To Care For You Pearls

The captivating luster and classic beauty of pearls can make any piece of fine jewelry shine, but these natural beauties require special care. Proper storage and cleaning are essential, and there are certain products and environmental conditions you'll need to avoid in order to keep your pearl jewelry looking gorgeous for years to come.

  1.  Make up before putting on pearls


Pearls are actually organic gems and can be very strong. However, they are also more delicate than other gemstones and metals. They are softer and can crack and can be scratched which dulls them. Women that wear oils, lotions, powders are dulling the shine of their pearls.  To that point, women should put on their pearls last (after putting on their cosmetics) and take their pearls off first.

In fact, even perspiration can dull their shine. If you want your pearls to endure this entire onslaught then you have to treat them and take care of them. Try not to expose the pearls to materials and substances that can harm them including vinegar, chlorine, ammonia, hairspray and cosmetics. Make sure you put on your makeup before you put on your pearl jewelry.


2.Keep pearl in a suitable environment

Ideally, you should apply a very thin coat of coconut oil (keeping the oil off the silk thread) to retain the luster and condition of your pearls.  Then, wrap your pearls in a soft cloth before you put them away . You can also put them in a soft lined pouch or protective box. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, baking soda or other harsh elements to clean your pearls. Never keep pearls next to heaters or in strong sunlight because they will become brittle. Never put pearls into a plastic bag. It will emit a chemical and cause the pearls to erode.


  1. Avoid high temperatures

The mother of pearl which surrounds a pearl actually consists of thin layers. These layers are held together by an organic material called “conchine”. If a pearl is exposed to higher temperatures for a prolonged period of time, the conchine can dry out which will affect the colour and lustre of the pearl in a negative way. So store your pearls in an environment with modest temperatures (out of direct sunlight) and do not wear your pearls while sunbathing.

  1. Periodic maintenance of your pearl necklace

When you are wearing a pearl necklace, the moist from your skin will also moisten the conchine in the outer layers of the pearls. So wear your pearl necklace at least two or three times a year. This will avoid the drying out of your pearls.

Pearl necklaces which are worn on a regular basis should be cleaned once or twice a year in lukewarm water and with a mild detergent. Afterwards, let the necklace dry for at least 24 hours. Furthermore it is advisable to have your pearl necklace properly cleaned and the knots checked by a jeweller or goldsmith annually.

In general, consider the following “rules of thumb” to keep your pearls pretty

  • Wear your pearl jewelry regularly to avoid the mother of pearl layer drying out.
  • Avoid your pearls to come in to contact with cosmetic products, perfume, hairspray, cleaning products or other chemicals.
  • Do not wear your pearl jewelry while taking a bath or shower or while swimming.
  • Do not wear your pearl jewelry during activities which will cause perspiring.
  • Always clean your pearls after wearing them
  • Store your pearls in a separate jewelry box to avoid scratching by other pieces of jewelry